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Tired of wasting time looking for your favorite trading setups and managing positions? Stock Options Dad LLC and Option Alpha LLC  have teamed up to introduce Option Alpha’s no-code automated trading platform where you can scan markets, enter trades and manage all positions in just clicks. Run fully automated strategies for options with no coding required. Immediately start automating all your trading activities, saving you hours of time and giving you the power to scale your portfolio. 


Options trading involves repetitive tasks of scanning for trading opportunities, analyzing data, making a series of decisions, opening a new position, monitoring the position, and closing out the position. Option Alpha’s bots follow instructions that execute exactly what they are told to do, automating all the decisions while taking the necessary actions of your trading plan that you would otherwise have to perform manually. Automation can simplify all trading tasks with consistency, speed, and efficiency. 


Top industry broker integrations include Tradier Brokerage, TradeStation, and TDAmeritrade. 

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Keyboard and Mouse

Actionable daily trade notification service for all opening and closing trades with commentary 

Bar Chart

All-inclusive offering

perfect for those seeking to remove the guesswork in options trading


70 large cap tickers and ETFs sortable by key technicals and dates to aide trade selection  

Stock Options Dad LLC

A Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm

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