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"Wow, this is an unbelievable education you are providing us. In light of that, I will be signing up for the annual membership as a way of saying thank you for the concise, clearly understandable answers/training you provide. So invaluable to my learning curve. I am looking to grow a very small account and may not have the means yet to take on some of the trades you put on, but no doubt I will be a better options trader as a result of your service and knowledge. Brilliant!!!"

     - RD from New Mexico 

"I've tallied up my realized short-term gains I've had thus far (13 trading days) following your your trades and it is $2,242.86, so thank you so much for that! Most of the time I mirror the same number of contracts, once in awhile I will do one or two more contracts. I wanted to send you as a "thank you" appreciation, a taste of Chicago. I appreciate the opportunity you've provided"

     - Todd from Illinois  

"I want to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with your service. I think it is one of the best I've seen!"

     - Brooks from Canada

"Thank you so much for sharing on stockoptionsdad.com! I think one of the best way for me to learn is to follow your trades and observe how you manage them. The criteria of selling options is already explained on your site (thank you again for sharing). I have just subscribed to the Trade Notification service. Looking forward to learning more from you! Thank you for having me on board!"

     - Chee-Keong from Singapore  

"I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of your alerts and I wanted to upgrade to the annual membership. I'm looking forward to learning more about how you approach things and stay engaged." Only $8 per month is pretty cheap, others out there charge a ton more, which is great for those of us who don't have huge accounts"

     - Aaron from Colorado 


"I like the trade ideas emails you provide on Sundays for the upcoming week as part of the trade notification service. I like your articles that you provide on the site as well. Again, thank you for your clear explanations" 

     - Terry from Canada


"Awesome job and thank you so much, this is by far the best $12 I spend on a monthly basis"

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"Noah is very knowledgeable and helpful guy"     


     - Michael from Ireland 

"You provide a very valuable service and I appreciate the data you send out every week and every day. Actually, I had already made a few of the trades in your cluster (although at slightly different strikes) based on the weekly trade ideas you sent out on Sunday. So I didn’t really miss anything. Thanks again"

     - Danny from Texas 

"I am enjoying the service. I have been a perpetual student of the trading game for 11 years now. Your style of trading is a little different from mine but both of our styles are grounded on the same principles of cost basis improvement and premium capture.

I have introduced your service to a trader friend who is getting started in options. I think he would learn a lot about the unique nature of using options for income." I followed you in on AAL, I liked the set-up. This trade idea just paid for my annual subscription"

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      - Joe  


"The recommendations have been easy to understand...  Made most of the trades with the only difference, I closed most of my winners at or about 50% winners to lock in profits quicker. I think I was winning about 75% of the trades you recommended for me, thumbs up on that."

     - Brendan 

"This guy knows what he is talking about... despite his preference for cash covered puts"     


     - Josh from California

Daily trade notification service removes the guess work of selecting tickers to trade

Perfect for those seeking to remove the guesswork in options trading

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