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September 26, 2020


CVS Health (CVS) wasn’t immune from the market declines that were inflicted by the COVID-19 downturn. Despite being in the traditional defensive healthcare space and confined to domestic operations, the stock has not been able to break out and participate in the broader raging bull market post CVOID-19 lows. The combination of CVS Health (CVS) and Aetna was proving to be a success after initial skepticism by investors. CVS even posted a string of better than expected quarters in part attributable to the Aetna acquisition. CVS is generating large amounts of free cash flow, paying down debt and returning value to shareholders in a variety of ways. To further boost long-term growth prospects, restore growth and fend off poten...

September 7, 2020


And just like that the markets are back to their all-time highs and the COVID-19 market sell-off has been erased. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the markets, Ray Dalio was recklessly dismissive of cash positions, stating “cash is trash”. Even Goldman Sachs proclaimed that the economy was recession proof via “Great Moderation”, characterized by low volatility, sustainable growth and muted inflation. Not only were these assessments incorrect but they were ill-advised in what was an already frothy market with stretched valuations prior to COVID-19. I’m sure Ray Dalio quickly realized that his “cash is trash” mentality and public statements were imprudent. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a truly back swan event that n...

September 5, 2020

Advertising Boycott:

Facebook (FB) faced a very public onslaught of companies joining an advertising boycott across its social media platforms. However its latest earnings suggest that this effort may have been largely symbolic and effectively inconsequential to the company’s revenue and growth numbers. The advertising boycott had grown to roughly a thousand groups and multinational companies. This presented a unique challenge which still has the potential to weigh heavier on the company since this boycott will directly impact revenue as overall compliance/security expenses swell. The magnitude of this boycott may inevitably influence the stock price if this movement expands in sheer numbers and duration. If Facebook can appease adverti...

August 29, 2020


How is it possible to capture more premium than what you sold an option contact for? The answer lies in the manner in how you construct your option trade (i.e. put spread vs. custom put spread). A custom put spread leverages a minimal amount of capital, defines risk and maximizes return on investment while enabling traders to capture greater than 100% of the option premium. Custom put spreads are ideal when engaging in options trading for many reasons. This type of trade is great to layer into a long term successful overall options strategy which includes risk-defining trades, staggering expiration dates, trading across a wide array of uncorrelated tickers, maximizing the number of trades, appropriate position allocation a...

August 22, 2020


Disney’s (DIS) impressive streaming numbers have thus far negated the impact that COVID-19 has had on its other business segments, mainly its parks. Disney has had to shutter all of its worldwide Parks and Resorts and ESPN has been hit with the cancellation of virtually all sports worldwide. Advertising revenue coming through its media properties has been hit as companies scale back ad spending. All of its movie studio productions have been halted and movie releases postponed. Despite the COVID-19 headwinds, Disney’s streaming initiatives have been major growth catalysts for the company. Disney+’ growth in its subscriber base has shifted the conversation from COVID-19 to a durable and sustainable recurring revenue streamin...

August 16, 2020


A total of 80 option trades were placed in May, June, July and thus far in August as the markets rebounded after the COVID-19 lows. During this timeframe, all 80 trades were winning trades to lock-in a 100% option win rate with an average income per trade of $189 and an average return on investment (ROI) per trade of 7.5%. After the tumultuous market lows of March and into early April, leveraging a minimal amount of capital, mitigating risk and maximizing returns was essential. An options-based portfolio can offer the optimal balance between risk and reward while providing a margin of downside protection with high probability win rates. As the market continues to rebound, optimal risk management is essential when engaging...

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Noah Kiedrowski

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I'm Noah Kiedrowski, founder of Stock Options Dad LLC. Where it's my goal to simplify options trading. Demonstrating how high probability options trading for consistent income thrives in both bear and bull markets. Options enable investors to mitigate risk and circumvent drastic market moves while generating consistent income in a high probability manner.

All of my trades are risk-defined in order to leverage a minimal amount of capital and maximize return on investment. All performance metrics can be found on the PERFORMANCE tab. For any given trade I target an ROI of 7-15% at an ~85% probability of winning the trade at expiration. In doing so, I typically hold ~50% of my portfolio in cash.

I always strive to trade in high implied volatility environments across a wide array of tickers to maximize sector diversity. Trading across uncorrelated tickers and maximizing the number of trades, as part of the 10 OPTIONS TRADING RULES, is essential for long-term success in options trading.

Did you know that a staggering 92% of actively managed funds do not outperform their benchmark over 5, 10 and 15 year time horizons? Interestingly, over a ~25 year time period from 1983-2006, 39% of stocks in the Russell 3000, comprising the largest 3000 companies in the U.S., were unprofitable investments while 64% of stocks underperformed the index. Shockingly, only 25% of stocks were responsible for all the market’s gains from this ~25 year period! Taken together, investors only have a 36% chance of picking a winning stock that may or may not outperform the broader index. Options trading provides a statistical edge in trading that individual stock investing simply can't offer.

To this end, stockoptionsdad.com is a venue I created to share investing ideas and strategies with an emphasis on options trading. My aim is to empower investors and traders alike to leverage options trading as part of an overall investment strategy. I offer many tutorials, ideas, strategies, timely trades and actionable updates for the retail investor. I also offer TRADE SERVICES for those that want to take their options trading to the next level. My goal is to provide real-life examples of options trading from a peer investor in an effort to demonstrate meaningful portfolio returns while mitigating risk and accentuating returns.


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