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July 15, 2020

COVID-19 Impacts:

COVID-19 ushered in the real possibility of widespread loan defaults, liquidity issues, ballooning credit card debt (as banks hold the liability) and stressed mortgages. To exacerbate these COVID-19 impacts, a delicate balance between interest rates, Federal Reserve actions, potential yield curve inversion and liquidity must be reached. The customer side of the business continues to be worrisome as the duration of this crisis continues to drag on with no signs of slowing. A segment of the consumer base is faced with lost wages and the real possibility of not being able to meet their financial obligations (i.e. car payments, mortgage payments, etc.) which will unquestionably have a negative impact on revenue and earning...

July 2, 2020


Despite the COVID-19 backdrop, some individual stocks and broader indices have exploded to new all-time highs and retraced previous all-time highs, respectively. Since the depths of the COVID-19 induced sell-off in late March, the markets have experienced an uninterrupted resurgence. It’s easy to become complacent when markets are roaring higher however one must remain disciplined when managing risk especially as it relates to options trading. Mitigating risk and maximizing returns is paramount as the markets rotate out of the depths COVID-19 sell-off. Option trading offers the optimal balance between risk and reward while providing a margin of downside protection and a statistical edge. Proper portfolio construction and o...

April 30, 2020

Financials and COVID-19:

COVID-19 ushered in the real possibility of widespread loan defaults, liquidity issues, ballooning credit card debt and stressed mortgages. To exacerbate these COVID-19 realizations, a delicate balance between interest rates, Federal Reserve commentary, yield curve inversion and concerns over a potential/scale of depression in late 2020 must be attained. The financial cohort is in a difficult space as the broader economic backdrop continues to dictate whether these stocks can appreciate higher. Ironically, in 2019 banks logged record share buybacks and increased dividend payouts stemming from successful stress tests. The initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the market capitalizations of many large...

April 19, 2020


It’s no surprise that HealthEquity (HQY) has been crushed in the face of the COVID-19 market meltdown. COVID-19 caused the fastest and most aggressive selloff in history, with the indices falling ~35% over the course of 23 days. HQY has fallen from its 52-week highs of $89 to a low of $35 or 60% during this market meltdown.

Considering HealthEquity’s unique position as being distinctly disassociated from drug pricing issues, rising insurance costs or the pharmaceutical supply chain, this sell-off is a great opportunity for an entry point. As COVID-19 inevitably subsides, HealthEquity is in a strong position and being offered at a heavy discount. For long-term investors, HealthEquity presents a compelling picture of growth w...

April 9, 2020


An opportunity to begin or reinforce a portfolio foundation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has been presented. COVID-19 was the black swan event that only comes along on the scale of decades. This COVID-19 induced sell-off has been the worst since the Great Depression in terms of breadth and velocity of the sell-off. This health crisis has crushed stocks and decimated entire industries such as airlines, casinos, travel, leisure and retail with others in the crosshairs.

The S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones have shed approximately a third of their market capitalization with the sell-offs coming in at 33%, 29% and 36%, respectively through March 20th 2020. Since then, stocks have attempted rallies however these have fallen...

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Noah Kiedrowski

Founder: stockoptionsdad.com

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I'm Noah Kiedrowski, founder of Stock Options Dad LLC. Where it's my goal to simplify options trading. Demonstrating how high probability options trading for consistent income thrives in both bear and bull markets. Options enable investors to mitigate risk and circumvent drastic market moves while generating consistent income in a high probability manner.

All of my trades are risk-defined in order to leverage a minimal amount of capital and maximize return on investment. All performance metrics can be found on the PERFORMANCE tab. For any given trade I target an ROI of 7-15% at an ~85% probability of winning the trade at expiration. In doing so, I typically hold ~50% of my portfolio in cash.

I always strive to trade in high implied volatility environments across a wide array of tickers to maximize sector diversity. Trading across uncorrelated tickers and maximizing the number of trades, as part of the 10 OPTIONS TRADING RULES, is essential for long-term success in options trading.

Did you know that a staggering 92% of actively managed funds do not outperform their benchmark over 5, 10 and 15 year time horizons? Interestingly, over a ~25 year time period from 1983-2006, 39% of stocks in the Russell 3000, comprising the largest 3000 companies in the U.S., were unprofitable investments while 64% of stocks underperformed the index. Shockingly, only 25% of stocks were responsible for all the market’s gains from this ~25 year period! Taken together, investors only have a 36% chance of picking a winning stock that may or may not outperform the broader index. Options trading provides a statistical edge in trading that individual stock investing simply can't offer.

To this end, stockoptionsdad.com is a venue I created to share investing ideas and strategies with an emphasis on options trading. My aim is to empower investors and traders alike to leverage options trading as part of an overall investment strategy. I offer many tutorials, ideas, strategies, timely trades and actionable updates for the retail investor. I also offer TRADE SERVICES for those that want to take their options trading to the next level. My goal is to provide real-life examples of options trading from a peer investor in an effort to demonstrate meaningful portfolio returns while mitigating risk and accentuating returns.


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